Improved cycle times, not matter the part weight

Okuma's SERVONAVI® serves a critical purpose: it improves cycle times and accuracy when you’re machining heavy parts. Available on select machining center models equipped with the P-300SA and P-300MA controls, this Intelligent Technology offers work weight auto settings, reversal spike auto adjustments, and vibration auto adjustments. Ultimately, by adjusting machine speeds based on weight—weights that change dramatically during jobs—SERVONAVI allows for high-precision machining.

This Intelligent Technology provides:

  • Work Weight Auto Setting: By automatically estimating table loads to adjust for the best acceleration speed, you can achieve faster cycle times.
  • Reversal Spike Auto Adjustment: By compensating for slide load variations with optimized servo control, you can maintain machining accuracies for surface quality.
  • Vibration Auto Adjustment: By making the required adjustments for fluctuating conditions, you can effectively eliminate noise and vibration.

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