Okuma’s MCR-C double-column machining center for 5-sided applications has won the Japan Machine Tool Manufacturers Award at the 44rd Machine Design Awards, sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Business & Technology Daily News.

Award-winning product
MCR-C Double-Column Machining Center for 5-Sided Applications

The MCR-C is the best double-column machining center for powerful machining of large parts.
In receiving the award, the MCR-C was praised for its “accuracy-oriented, functional design” that combines highly accurate and powerful machining of large parts; its “user interface design” that guides operators to the optimum machining conditions; and its “harmonious exterior design” that contributes to a pleasant working environment.

The double-column frame on the MCR-C has been made larger, with a width between columns of 4,650 mm and a maximum mounted workpiece height of 4,000 mm. Machining power of 45 kW is achieved over the entire machining area. 
Moreover, with the Thermo-Friendly Concept, machining dimensional changes over time are one-fourth those of the previous machine, less than 20 μm (room temperature change of 8°C) over the entire machining area on the table. This gives a balance of power and accuracy in machining. 

Cycle times can also be shortened by up to 20% with automatic setting of the best cutting speed for workpiece weight by Okuma's SERVONAVI.

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