Machining Navi

Featuring graphical representation of machine performance, the operator can easily control the optimal cutting conditions and speed to suppress chatter and therefore extending tool life and reducing cycle times.


Less chatter leads to greater output

Okuma's Machining Navi is an optional function that uses the OSP-P control and sensors to monitor chatter. When chatter is detected, the function then either recommends spindle speed changes (Machining Navi L-g and Machining Navi M-g) or automatically makes the spindle speed adjustments (Machining Navi M-i). By choosing the optimal speed(s) that allow your machine to avoid chatter, you can save operator time and maximize productivity.

  • Suppress chatter by employing automatic spindle variation for lathe applications, all while maintaining safe speeds
  • Analyze chatter and display optimal settings for chatter-free spindle speeds for high-speed machining center applications
  • Measure chatter vibration using built-in sensors that automatically shift RPMs to the ideal speed to avoid chatter
  • Optimize cutting at the machine’s highest performance limits
  • Improve the ability to test new materials and cutting tools


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