Written by Monique H, on May 3, 2024                                                            Credit:   Sutton article
Powering Australian manufacturing: An inside look at Kinetic Engineering Services partnership with Okuma Australia and Sutton Tools.

In the heart of Australian manufacturing, a dynamic partnership thrives between Kinetic Engineering Services, Okuma, and Sutton Tools. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and local support, our companies are shaping the future of the industry in Australia.

At Sutton Tools, we’ve fostered a strong relationship with Okuma based on mutual trust and support within the Australian manufacturing industry. We share similar values and processes, which further strengthens our partnership.

Similarly, our collaboration with Kinetic Engineering Services has been nurtured through consistent engagement and problem-solving. Week after week, we strive to deliver solutions tailored to Kinetics’ needs, offering not only tools but also exceptional service, support, and competitive pricing.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Tom Hawkes, CEO of Kinetic Engineering Services, to delve deeper into what sets them apart in the competitive manufacturing landscape. And here’s what he had to say…
Tom, could you give us an overview of Kinetic Engineering Services main line of business?

Absolutely! Kinetic Engineering Services is known for being a go-to partner in the steel production and heavy manufacturing sectors. We handle everything from design to precision machining, fabrication, and assembly. Our services extend to industries like mining, rural, transport, and automotive all across Australia.
How long has Kinetic Engineering Services been in operation?

Kinetic Engineering Services has been proudly serving since 1979, making it almost 45 years now. It’s been a journey rooted in Geelong as a family-owned business, forming the foundation for the Kinetic Group, which now comprises four separate entities serving various industries.

Can you tell us about the team size at Kinetic Engineering Service?

Currently, Kinetic Engineering Services employs 35 direct employees who contribute to our operations and success.
Impressive! And how many machines does Kinetic Engineering Services have? 

We have an extensive lineup of machines, including Okuma’s MULTUS U4000-1SW Multitasking Lathe, MU5000V-L Vertical Machining Centre, and many more, along with various CNC turning centers and manual milling & turning equipment.
What prompted you to choose Okuma as your machine supplier?

We chose Okuma because they share our commitment to quality and customer service, aligning perfectly with our ‘one-stop shop’ business philosophy. Their comprehensive support from concept to completion ensures lasting and meaningful outcomes for our customers.
And why Sutton Tools for your tooling needs?

Sutton Tools was a natural choice for us. Being another long-standing Australian, Victorian, family-owned business, their focus on customer service and quality complements our operations perfectly, especially in the tough Australian manufacturing environment.

Can you elaborate on the support you receive from Okuma and Sutton Tools?

Okuma assists us at every stage, from new machine purchases to routine maintenance and breakdown recovery. Sutton Tools helps us manage our tooling inventory and provides custom tooling solutions. Together, we optimise machine effectiveness and tooling lifecycles.

What sets Sutton Tools and Okuma apart from their competitors?

Sutton Tools stands out due to its Australian roots, strong customer service, and competitive pricing. As for Okuma, their quality and sole responsibility approach differentiates them, when you buy Okuma, you’re investing in a complete solution, not just a machine.

How do you feel about Australian-made products? 

Australia has a rich history of innovation, and we’re proud to contribute to it. We believe in supporting local businesses and Australian-made products. It’s not just about words but actions that drive our industry forward.

What’s next for Kinetic Engineering Service, and do you see Sutton Tools remaining your preferred tooling partner? 

Kinetic Engineering Services is excited about the future, with Sutton Tools remaining a top choice for our tooling needs. We’re gearing up for an exciting 2024 and beyond, supporting various projects and initiatives within our Kinetic Group.

Supporting Australian-Made

In an era where the importance of Australian-made products is more critical than ever, Kinetic Engineering Services remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting local businesses and industries. For them, choosing Australian-made isn’t just about patriotism – it’s about investing in the future of their country and ensuring the continued success of Australian manufacturing on the global stage.

Looking ahead, Kinetic Engineering Services is poised for even greater success, with Sutton Tools as a trusted partner by their side. As they embark on exciting new projects and ventures, the partnership between Kinetic Engineering Services, Okuma, and Sutton Tools promises to drive innovation, excellence, and growth in Australian manufacturing for years to come.

Here’s to an amazing 2024, Tom.

For those curious to learn more about Kinetic Engineering Services and their contributions to Australian manufacturing, visit their website here. Join them on their journey as they continue to help shape the future of the Australian Engineering industry.